Raymond Brothers Tree Service: Tree Removal, dangerous trees in hazardous places should be removed. We are not big into taking every tree down because trees make oxygen, but when trees are a hazard to everyones health they need to be addressed. We can take the tree down and grind the stump below grade or can come in with a machine and dig the stump out as you would do if you were putting a driveway in or a extention on your house.
Raymond Brothers Tree Service: Pruning, when we come in and prune trees we like to take the tree to the main canopy and remove dead wood and thin out the canopy with dead limbs. In the tree you have hazards of the branches falling and some one could get hurt. Also by thinning out the canopy, in the summer when the trees have a flll canopy with foliage you should thin out the trees. The wind can take the tops as the wind doesn't pass through which causes them to break branches and snapping the tree. By thinning the tree the wind is able to pass through the canopy and not break any branches or snapping the tree.
Raymond Brothers Tree Service: Topping, is not recommended to do a tree harm but this procedure is done to take the top out for solar panels or so that the top of a tree doesn't interfere with something. The reason topping is bad is when it gets topped out and water sits on a flat spot and starts to rot then you get water sprouts (suckers) which are branches that grow out of the cut as they are not strong as a normal and natural growth from the tree.

Raymond Brothers Tree Service: Stump Grinding, stump grinding is when we take a machine with a wheel that spins with carbite teeth and chip away at a stump. We normally grind 12 inches below grade but the machine is capable to grind 36 inches below grade.

Raymond Brothers Tree Service: Land Clearing, land clearing is normully when you purchase a new home and the builder only clears enough to put the house on. Then you are left with a backyard or a front yard that is completely wooded. We can then come in and remove the trees and give you an idea what trees to keep that would look good and are in good health then prune and do your landscaping.....and your dream home awaits you.